Club Penguin Fire Dojo Update – New Better Igloos & Igloo Upgrades

November 20, 2009 at 4:32 pm Leave a comment

Club Penguin finally updated and its pretty sweet! Theres a new Better Igloos, Igloo Upgrades, Pin and check out the Dojo – Fire Dojo! Its been updated.

Head to the Fire Dojo, its been updated!

The time is near, only 4 days away until Card-Jitsu Fire! The Dojo Courtyard, Ninja Hideout and Fire Dojo have all been updated with Fire-Like Decorations for the new Card-Jitsu Fire Game! Sensei will possibly be visiting us in the Fire Suit (Thanks stewiegrif32)! Along with the Card-Jitsu Fire Decorations there is a new Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades! Gear up the for Snow.

Heres A Picture of what i believe  Sensei’s new Player card looks like.

Nov – Dec Better Igloos

There are some new items and some returned favorites!

  • Modern Chair – 700 Coins
  • Modern Couch – 850 Coins
  • Scoop Chair – 650 coins
  • Large Aquiruim – 450 Coins
  • Coffee Table – 300 Coins

  • Snow Wall – 150 Coins
  • Slopped Wall – 120 Coins
  • Snow Clump – 40 Coins
  • Snow Arch – 450 Coins
  • Snow Fortess Wall – 400 Coins
  • Snow Tower – 200 Coins

Nov – Dec Igloo Upgrades

Put your Snow Fort items to use with the new Snowy Backyard Igloo!

There are 3 New/Returned Igloos.

  • Snowy Backyard Igloo – 3,500 Coins
  • Gingerbread House – 2,100 Coins

  • Snow Globe – 3,700

Lastly there is also a new pin, but it looks like Club Penguin is still having problems with it as the Sled Pin is still at the Ski Hill!



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