Club Penguin Times Issue #223

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Club Penguin Times Issue #223

newspaper #223

The past few weeks many penguins have been curious about the rockslide at the Mine. There were rumors that there were “Secret Caves” behind the ruble, and those rumors our true! Starting January 22 – 28 there will be a Cave Expedition. Head over to the Mine and help out, diggers are needed!

Mysteries of The Underground

As Secret Rooms are being discovered penguins are getting more interested in the Mysteries of these rooms. The Mine being one of them, no one knows who built it or how long its been there. Some say it was there before the Town was! In this article you can find some paragraphs containing rumors like this one:

I bring this up one because there is going to be lots of new exciting things going on in Club Penguin the next few months. A New Color Puffle possibly being one of them. Could there be Golden Puffle buried in the Secret Cave?

You may wonder why I took this picture from the CP Times and put a red box around the Squid. I want to (once again) bring up the picture Billybob posted weeks ago about upcoming things, remember it had a squid in it? Same one as in the picture above. All of this correlates around the “Secret” Cave. What mysteries could this undiscovered Cave hold?

In Focus

In Focus: Fairy Fables.

Top Secret

In this section you can find out things you might not have known…

Word Search

Check out the Word Search on page C5 – 6. Fits in with the Rockslide at the Mine!

Upcoming Events


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Club Penguin- Event for the Mine 2010 Club Penguin Mine Expedition – Dig for Treasure, Unlock rooms, Free Hard Hat, Amythest Pin

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