Club Penguin Medieval Party 2010 Cheats

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Hey Penguins!

Its been two years since Club Penguin first introduced the “Medieval Party” and ever since it has been a party that comes in the first week of May. This year by far I must say is the best with not one, but two Member Quest’s (yes, with NEW Free Items!), New Medieval Clothing in the Penguin Style Catalog and more! Grab your Wizard Hat and prepare to go back in time…

Free Item

You can grab the Free Wizards Hat at the Lighthouse (nothing new for non-members :/ )

Member Quests

Find one of the “Knights Needed” signs around Club Penguin (Town, Plaza, etc.) and click “Go There”. Once you’ve arrived walk thru the “Ye Knights Quest” to begin!

Member Quest: Ye Knights Quest #1

Once you’ve began your quest your first challenge is to light up all the orbs!

Its pretty simple. Just walk on the platform in front of the orb to light it up!

Once all the orbs are light the gates will open and you can continue to your second challenge!

The second challenge is to hit 50 targets, also pretty easy right? Just takes a lot of snowball throwing :)

The targets will pop up and you have to hit them with a snowball. You can look in the lower right hand corner of the screen to see how many you have left to hit!

Once the “Targets Left To Hit” Counter is at zero the gate will open and you can continue your adventure but first be sure to pick up the free Staff and Shield.

Now your at the third and final challenge.

For this challenge you must find an end to the Maze. Before you continue your journey grab the second Free Item, Iron Helmet:

Once you start the Maze it can be a little tricky, but if you need directions look below!

  1. Down
  2. Left
  3. Down
  4. Right
  5. Right
  6. Up

Now you’ve finished the first quest! Behold, the Iron Armor!

Waddle on up to the top of the steps and collect the Iron Armor Free Item!

Ye Knights Quest #2: Beneath the Volcano

This is the new Member Quest called: Beneath the Volcano and, as you could’ve guessed, he based under the Volcano where you play Card-Jitsu Fire! Your first challenge in this quest is to defeat fire.

To defeat fire you must put out the flame on each of the statues torches. To do that throw 3 snowballs at each torch, each snowball has to be within atleast 2 seconds of each other or the torch flame will just get bigger!

An easy way to do this is to press the “T” key on your keyboard which will open the Snowball Aimer. This is how you can throw snowballs fast. Put the aimer on one of the statues torches, press T and left click. Repeat that at a fast rate three times and the torch will go out!

Once all the torches are out the Dragon Statue will go down and there will be a walk way.

The second challenge is to get the key into the whole. Each time you do the quest the maze for the key is different but to get it in the whole just keep clicking around and eventually you will get it!

After you complete that go into the next room and grab the Noble Horse.

Now comes the final challenge and the hardest one!

You must defeat the Dragon!

Its easier to do it with multiple people but heres what your gunna want to do if its just you!

  1. Wait for the dragon to breathe fire.
  2. Immediately after he is done throw as many snowballs as you can in the barrel (use the technique I mentioned for the torches, just do it faster!).
  3. When the barrel is full wait for the button to turn green (if you throw to many snowballs in the cannon will overheat)
  4. Click the button when it’s green to shoot water at the Dragon.
  5. Do this three times until you defeat the Dragon!

After you’ve defeated the Dragon walk thru the gates to the Treasure Room!

There are two free items you can grab at the Treasure Room.

The Toothbrush Pin and the Dragons Gold!

You can collect as much Dragons Gold as you want since its a Furniture Item but you can’t of course do that with the Toothbrush Pin (I wonder why they picked a Toothbrush? Maybe the Dragon needs to brush his teeth =P )

After you complete the Quests head on over to the Gift Shop, they’ve got some new Medieval Clothing (With lots of new items!).

Waddle on,


Credit to: LUX1200


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