Club Penguin Mission 11 Tutorial

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Hey Penguins!

The moment we have been waiting for is finally here! Its been well over a year since the last mission came out in December of 2008 and now, Mission 11 has come! All Club Penguin Secret Agents report to the HQ to solve another one of Herbert’s incidents, “The Veggie Villain”!

Written Tutorial

(For a walk-thru on how to get the extra gift scroll to the bottom of the Written Tutorial)

  1. Go to the HQ and click on the green file case that reads “Mission Ready” when you scroll over it.
  2. Select “The Veggie Villain” under the tab “Current” and launch the mission!
  3. Talk to G.
  4. Choose the first option both times when talking with Gary.
  5. After talking to Gary, when you come to the third time option’s menu you can either be briefed on the current situation or what happened last time.
  6. When Gary asks you what type of seeds Herbert left behind click on “Are those Corn Seeds?”
  7. Keep talking to Gary until he tells you your mission.
  8. Open your map and go to the Gift Shop
  9. Once at the Gift Shop talk to Rookie (Must do it for Spy Phone to ring).
  10. Pick up the Corn Seeds on the floor of the Gift Shop.
  11. Go upstairs and pick and talk to Jet Pack Guy.
  12. Now pick up the Corn Seeds under the desk.
  13. Wait for your Spy Phone to ring.
  14. Open your Spy Phone and teleport to the HQ (if you do not appear there the firs time, try and teleport again).
  15. Talk to Gary once you arrive at the HQ. He will tell you there is a Code Red Emergency then Herbert will pop up on the Monitors.
  16. Talk to Herbert. Once Gary locks down the PSA Main Frame talk to Gary.
  17. Open your map and go to the Ski Village to stop Herbert!
  18. When you get to the Ski Village speak with Rookie to find a way to stop Herbert.
  19. Rookie will come up with an idea to put a different movie into the device he found.
  20. Open your map and go to the Beach then into the Lighthouse.
  21. Once inside grab the Disk under the Piano and the Wash Cloth and Cleaner on the Speaker.

  22. Put them both in your inventory.
  23. Now open your inventory, click on the Wash Cloth/Cleaner and drag it onto the slot that the Disk is in.
  24. Grab the spray bottle and spray it on the disk until it says to stop (around 5 sprays).
  25. Now grab the cloth, click and hold it on the disk.
  26. Once the disk is clean put it back in your inventory.
  27. If your still at the Lighthouse, open your map and go back to the Ski Village.
  28. Click on the recording device behind the screen:
  29. When the recording device opens click on the “Open Tray” Button by the DVD Reader:
  30. Get the disk from your inventory and insert it into the tray.
  31. Click the button again to close the tray.
  32. Once the disk is done reading you will see Night of the Living Sled playing on the screen but you can still hear Herbert!
  33. Talk to Rookie and then click on the recording device behind the screen again.
  34. Now, open your Spy Phone from your inventory and click on the Tools button.
  35. Get out the wrench and undo the screws on the silver box with the Satellite Symbol:
  36. Wait till all the screws are out then click on the box.
  37. When your inside of the box you will have to solve a code, heres how.
  38. Click on the grey buttons to change the color
  39. Once all the buttons have a color click the flashing red “Check” Button just to the right of the colored buttons.
    (If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t worry you have plenty of times to try.)
  40. The top battery-type thing has circles around the colors. Red Circle means it is not the right color and not supposed to be at that location, Yellow Circlemeans that it is the right color but not in the right location, and Green Circlemeans it IS the right color and IS in the right spot!
  41. With that information you can try again on the next slot.
  42. Once you get the code correct it well tell you where Herbert is at under the Signal Location Box!
  43. Open your map and go to the Mine Shack (or if it said he is at a different location, go there instead.)
  44. When you get to the location Herbert is supposed to be at there will be a bunch of corn and a trail leading into the forest, follow it.
  45. Immediately after you enter the Forest you are faced with a decision to go left or right (One way will have a pop corn trail).
  46. Follow the trail that has the popcorn.
  47. When you reach the point when there is a pile of popcorn. Pick up the half ripped note on one of the trails:
  48. Say the ripped letter is on the trail leading left, then you MUST go to the left or vice versa.
  49. You will then reach another part of the letter, pick it up and put it in the sameinventory spot that the other part is in.
  50. After you pick up the second piece there will be another one when you continue on the trail:
  51. Like before, pick the note up and put it in the same inventory spot as before.
  52. You will finally reach an end to the maze, there will be the last piece of the note and a piece of wood, put them both in your inventory.
  53. The note will now be complete and you can view it by clicking on the icon next to the map
  54. After you’ve put both items in your inventory go back the way you came until you find the pile of popcorn again.
  55. Instead of going back to the dead end go the opposite way (Left).
  56. Now go left again (the trail that has the seeds)
  57. Right
  58. Left
  59. Left
  60. This is were the board comes into play, you can’t cross the stream without it! Get the board from your inventory and drag it to the stream.

    (You can now walk over the stream!)
  61. After you cross the stream you will end up at a wall with a ladder but you need to find someway to get the ladder down! Heres how: Get the corn seeds from your inventory and put them in the LEFT torch:
  62. The corn will pop in the fire and hit the lever, knocking the ladder down!
  63. Click on the ladder to go up it and find Herbert on his computer:
  64. Keep clicking the screen until he notices you are there, then once he’s done click on the power outlet/computer plug to foil his plans!
  65. Herbert will tell you that when you unplugged the computer that the PSA Technology is back up, including his Spy Phone! Herbert will then teleport you and his “gift” to Gary back to the HQ.
  66. Talk to Rookie/Gary until Herbert appears on the Monitors.
  67. Herbert will tell you what his “gift” is, a Popcorn Bomb! Your now locked in the HQ and need to find a way out while Gary disarms the bomb.
  68. Keep scrolling left or right until you find the Command Room Entrance
  69. Click the note on the entrance and decode the message
  70. The message reads: “orangebook”
  71. Now click the message again to close it, scroll over just a bit and click on the Orange Book
  72. The book will unlock some sort of gun or target that pops out of the Command Room Entrance, click on it to take a closer look.
  73. To get it to work you need to match the outer ring color with the inner ring colors, heres how: Make sure one of the small inner rings is grey. Now you can click on one of the inner ring colors to move their position. You can do the same with the outer rings (If you need extra help check out the Video Tutorial).
  74. Once you crack the code the Command Room Door will open and Dot (from EPF) will come out!
  75. Dot will teleport everyone to the Ski Village and the Popcorn Bomb will explode.
  76. Gary and Dot will explain what will happen next. The HQ has been destroyed and the PSA is out of commission. Dot will tell you that they have been watching you, and you’d make a perfect fit for an EPF Agent. Everything that’s left of the files will be transferred to The Directory (EPF Boss). This is where EPF: Herbert’s Revenge comes into play.
  77. Congratulations! You’ve completed the mission! Click “Get Medal” to claim your prize

To get the extra gift do the following:

  1. While at the Ski Village talk to the sad-looking Brown Penguin
  2. Once you go to the Lighthouse go up to the Beacon and talk to the Construction Worker
  3. Go back down into the Lighthouse and get the empty tin can by the ship wheel
  4. Go to the Gadget Room inside the HQ (since the teleporter is broken you can use the secret entrance in the Sports Shop)
  5. Put the Tin Can in the Test Chamber conveyer belt and click the Red Lever
  6. Once the Tin Can is inside the Test Chamber click the red Water Button and wait for it to fill up then drain
  7. When it is drained click the red Snow Button
  8. Wait for it to freeze then click the Red Lever again
  9. Pick up the ice block and give it to the Construction Worker at the Beacon
  10. He will thank you and let you take the lens he has, pick up the lens and put it in your inventory
  11. Give it to the Brown Penguin at the Ski Village
  12. At the end of the mission receive the Snow Globe as the extra gift
  13. Go into your Player Inventory and then the “Awards” tab
  14. Find the Snowglobe and open it
  15. Click the red button on the side of the Snowglobe, the Snowglobe will lower revealing the Spy Goggles and a note from Dot!

Thanks to Joji for the tip!

Waddle on,




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