Club Penguin EPF Field Op 4 Cheats 2010

July 6, 2010 at 11:25 am 1 comment

Hey Penguins!

Our weekly Club Penguin Field Op is here early but sadly it is basically the same as one of the previous ones. Follow these steps to complete it and earn a medal.

EPF Assignment 4

Click on your Spy Phone, it will be flashing with a Red Alert. Head to the Command Room and waddle over to the Field-Op’s Computer.

Read your assignment then head to the Ski Lodge then into the Attic.

Waddle over to the red couch. Your Spy Phone will then flash green and ring!

This is where this field op is the same as once of the previous ones. Here’s how to complete the puzzle:

Guide the micro chip to each station (they are silver and have arrows pointing to them). Some have a lock in front, if they do just move the micro chip to the key then back to that station. You move the chip by using the arrows on your Key Board!

Move the micro shop to each station then wait for it to charge (will have a green light once charged).

When moving the micro chip through the maze watch out for the red things, they will shock you and if that happens you’ll have to start all over again! Ig they have their arm/grabber thing extended to where your about to move don’t go there because you will get shocked!

If your micro ship is low on battery (you can tell by the green bar in the middle, you can not charge the stations if the chip is low on battery) then go back to the center piece to recharge!

Once you have charged all the stations you will have completed the Op and earned another medal:

If you didn’t use any of your medals you will have saved up enough for the Delta Suit or Alpha Suit (I used one of my medals so I have to wait for next weeks field op =P )

Well that’s all for this weeks field op, hopefully next week we’ll have a NEWchallenging Op ;]

Waddle on,


credit to lux1200


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