Club Penguin Music Jam Cheats 2010 – Member Free Items + Non-Member Free Items

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Hey Penguins!


Here are all the cheats 😀

Free Item

Grab your free Blue Headphones at the Cove.

Merchandise Stands

You can stop by one of two merchandise stands located on the Island. The first one is at the Snow Forts and the other one is at the Ski Village.

All Access Pass

Members can buy their All Access Pass at one of the merchandise stands on the Island. This allows you to enter special rooms and have “All Access” to the party!

Casa Fiesta Member Room

The Casa Fiesta is a NEW special room for members (notice the “All Access Pass Needed sign”). It is located at the Ski Village next to the Merchandise Stand.

This is what the Casa Fiesta Room looks like (for non members). The whole point of the room is to make a Conga Line on the center dance floor!

The center dance floor is not only for conga line’s though. Play an instrument on it and see what happens!


This is another member room that requires the All Access Pass, an old-time favorite. Backstage! You can go backstage by using one of the entrances located at either the Dock or Casa Fiesta.

While backstage you can pick up a free Red Music Jam T-Shirt:

And you can also buy Instruments:

Unlike the past years, this years Music Catalog has some new instruments for sale.

  • Conga Drums – 300 Coins
  • Tuba – 600 Coins
  • Blue Electric Guitar – 550 Coins

Along with the new Conga Drums and Blue Electric Guitar, there will be more instruments available July 15th (hopefully some new ones to :) )

When exiting Backstage, there are now two doors. One for the Main Stage (Dock) and one for Casa Fiesta!

Dance Floor Roof

The last member room is the Dance Floor Roof! You can access the roof by going to the Dance Lounge then use the entrance to the roof (but of course you need an All Access Pass).

You can pick up the same old Boom Box free item back from when Cadence came in January of 2009 (that is if you don’t already have it).

One cool thing Club Penguin kept from last year is the “Music Player 3000″. Click on it to change the music and the color of the speakers!

Those are all the main attractions for this year’s Music Jam but I’d like to point out some other cool thingz ;]

Other Cool Stuff

Above all, the Iceberg is probably the other biggest thing. Why? Because the Penguin Band is playing their (you can’t actually meet them/click on their player card)! Although, this does mean that the PB will be taking their usual “Breaks” which mean we will get a chance to meet them.

Whenever they take a break, check back for a Penguin Band Tracker!

The Music Maker 3000 was something that I thought was pretty cool last year and it has returned this year. I mean come on, who doesn’t like giant instruments?

You can get to the Music Maker 3000 by going to the Snow Forts then look by the Clock Tower for the entrance. The “Music Maker 3000″ is basically a room with huge instruments. Stand on the color block below them and they will play! Get your friends to stand on one instrument while you stand on the other to make cool sounds.

Ahhh, another old Music Jam favorite. Battle of The Bands! It’s been here since the first Music Jam. Check it out at the Snow Forts, another Red v Blue Battle!

The Floor Piano 3000 is similar to the Music Maker 3000 (does everything have “3000″ at the end nowadays?). You can walk on the keys of the piano to play them.

You can use the switch on the back wall so that only you can play the keys on the floor piano or so that other penguins can to!

Have you checked out the Lighthouse? It has the same stage as last year but the Lighthouse is designed differently (I like it!). Also, try playing an instrument on Stage. You can hear it through your speakers. Get multiple penguins to play their instrument and you can make a band!

Just like the years before, you can click the “Applause” Button at the bottom right of the screen in a room that has a Stage and of course there will be an Applause.

*You can also now play the guitar while wearing the red Music Jam T-Shirt!*

Along with all of that, there are a ton of “Themed Rooms”! Check em out:

Themed Rooms

The Soccer Pitch has a Rock theme and is called “Rock Ring”!

The Forest has a Country Theme!

The Cove has a Beach Party/Jamaican Theme.

The Beach has a Girly theme =P

The Dock has the Main Stage.

The Coffee Shop has a Jazz Theme.

The Pizza Parlor has a Hall of Fame/Elvis kind of feel to it!

Any other cool themed rooms you’d like to point out?

The Music Jam is one of my favorite parties and its been around since 2008! Each year has featured awesome new rooms and free items and I think by far this year is the best. Don’t miss Music Jam, it’ll be here till July 18th :)





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