Mountain Expedition!

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Hey guys! Today Club Penguin released the mountain Expedition a little bit early! Sadly only members can climb. :(

To start the climb go to the Ski Village and into the supply camp. Here is what the supply camp looks like:

There is a free item located by the supplies store. It’s called a Chilly Trek Hat.

In the supplies store you can buy some new mountain climbing items. You can get in the catalog by clicking on the piece of paper on the bottom right corner or by waddleing into supplies store on the bottom left.

Red Climbing Helmet-300 coins
Expedition Backpack-350 coins
Binoculars- 200 coins
Yellow Climbing Rope-150 coins

Ok so now you are ready to go mountain climbing! Here is how to do it:

To get past the first part of the climb, you need to click on the icicles so there is none in your way. But it’s not that easy, by clicking one icicle can trigger others to go up or to go down. So your need to find a way to get them all back in the wholes. When you complete this, you will get a stamp! After your finish that part of the climb you will head into a resting area. There isn’t really anything important there so just go ahead into the next part of the climb.

Now you are at the second part of the climb. To get past it you will have to do a few things.

Step 1: Click on a branch that is broken off and keep clicking it until you can use the ax.
Step 2: Click on the ax and keep clicking on it until the big log start to fall.
Step 3: Keep throwing a snowball at the icicles until they fall.
Now you have made it past part two of the climb! But before you keep going on your climb, there is a secret room. In the bottom right corner you will see a big ice chunk. Now click it and waddle over to where the big ice chunk is. If you not sure what i’m talking about, here is a picture:

The secret room is called the Ice Cavern. Here is what it looks like:

There isn’t really any point of the room so you don’t need to go in there. If you go in there after you did all of your work in the other room, you need to redo it.

After you redo all the work (if you had to) you can go over the big log and go to the top of the mountain!

When you reach the top, you can get a free item! The free item is a Red Flag. If you only put the flag on and dance, you penguin puts it in the snow. Also if you go up to the camera and click the red button, you can get a free background!

If you want the background, I know you will press “yes”. ;) Now you have finished and got everything in the Mountain Expedition! Also if you want to go to the top of the mountain but you don’t want to go through all those obstacles again, you can climb up a ladder in the Supply Camp. The ladder is located in the middle of the screen near the top.

Cya!  ~Wiibob7975


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