Newspaper #253!

August 19, 2010 at 9:02 am Leave a comment

Hey guys! Today Club Penguin released a new newspaper and guess what! You all get to read it for free! Here’s the scoop on the latest news:

On August 20th, we will be able to customize furniture! I hope they won’t give us  three designs for chairs, curtains, etc.

Now if you click on the folder on the Top Secrets page, it will tell y0u a secret about ninjas. A lot of people already know this but if you didn’t, now you do!

On this page you can read a comic ( that isn’t funny) or you can play a jigsaw puzzle!

And finally, this is the page you have all  been waiting for, the announcements page! (Some of the announcements aren’t in here but I will put them In so you don’t forget.)

August 20- New Better Igloos
August 20- New Igloo Music
August 20- New Penguin Mail
August 26- September 9- New Pin
August 27- Shadow and Gamma Girl VS. Squidzoid returns to the stage
September 3- New Clothing Catalog
September 3- Fourth Annual Fall Fair

So we have A LOT to look forward to. I most excited about the Fall Fair because I attended the first one!

That’s all for now! ~Reporter Wiibob7975


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