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Club Penguin Snow Maze & Nov-Mar Snow and Sports

The weather forecast calls for cold weather, snow and a maze! Head to the Ski Village and put your puzzle skills to the test with The Great Snow Maze. There is also a Free Item and a new Snow and Sports.

Theres a Free Blue Pom Pom Hat for Non-Members and the Great Snow Maze for Members! Heres how to get through the maze and get to the Yeti Cave!

  1. Left
  2. First up
  3. Straight
  4. Straight
  5. Straight
  6. Left
  7. Left
  8. Right
  9. Straight
  10. Right
  11. Left
  12. Up

If you still need help in the Snow Maze you can click the Maze Map.

At the end of the maze awaits the Yeti Cave and a Yeti Costume!

Walk over and grab a Yeti Costume. It’s a New Costume (not returned!) and pretty cool. Heres what it looks like on your penguin.

For the Snow Party there is also a a Free Item at the Ski Hill!

Pick up a free Blue Pom Pom Toque at the Ski Village. To go along with the snowy weather there is a new Snow and Sports!

  • Blue Hockey Jersey – 450 Coins
  • Hockey Skates- 300 Coins
  • Hockey Helmet – 220 Coins
  • Red Hockey Jersey – 450 Coins

  • Blue Goalie Gear – 600 Coins
  • Goalie Helmet – 300 Coins
  • Red Goalie Gear – 600 Coins
  • Goalie Hockey Stick – 300 Coins

  • The Vibrant – 500 Coins
  • Green Figure Skating Dress – 450 Coins
  • Figure Skates – 300 Coins
  • The Sidewinder – 500 Coins
  • Pink Figure Skating Dress – 450 Coins
  • The Sidekick – 500 Coins
  • Purple Figure Skating Dress – 450 Coins

  • Bench – 200 Coins
  • Court Lines – 260 Coins
  • Hockey Net – 360 Coins
  • Score Board – 520 Coins

Penguins At Work – Rescue Squad. Snow Board Helmet (400 Coins), Ski Patrol Jacket (600 Coins).

All backgrounds are returned and 60 Coins each! Here are the cheats for the Nov – Mar Snow and Sports.

Click the Green Penguin for the Green Hockey Jersey (450 Coins).

Click the Lime Green Penguin for the Green Goalie Gear (600 Coins).

Click the word “Ice” for the White Pom-Poms (125 Coins).

Whats up with all the green penguins you click for green items? Green’s my color =P

To go along with all the Snowy Cheats and Mazes the Ice Rink is back!

Enjoy the Snowy Weather!

Club Penguin also got a new home screen.



November 27, 2009 at 12:08 pm 5 comments

New Item In Sled Racing Game Cataloge!

Club Penguin released a new sled in the Game Upgrades catalog without notice!

It looks really cool! Its got its own steering wheel! :P

Here’s what it looks like in the catalog:

Doesn’t it look awesome?

Heres what it Looks like when you are riding it.

Heres what it looks like on your player card and inventory.

The sleds are only 300 coins.

So go grab one and race with your buddy’s.


November 26, 2009 at 2:44 pm 1 comment

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Fire – Earn Your Fire Suit!/ How To Beat Sensei

Check it out, Club Penguin released Card-Jitsu Fire early! Play Card-Jitsu Fire and earn you Fire Suit. Beat Sensei and earn your Fire Gem that goes on your amulet and more. Here are all the fiery cheats.

Go to the Ninja Hideout and enter the Volcano.

You can practice Card-Jitsu Fire with 2, 3, or 4 players. Talk to Sensei to get your Fire Booster Pack before you can play!

Click the screen to go to the next slide.

Before you can start playing you will need to get the Fire Booster Pack, accept it from Sensei!

From there you can select from these options:

You can click “Earny your Fire Suit”, that will match you up with up to 3 other penguins to play with. Or you can click “Challenge Sensei”. You must have all your Fire Suit items in order to win against him (I will make a video!).

If you click on Sensei’s Fire Suit he will give you more information about it and how to get it.

Once you defeat Sensei you will earn the true title of Fire Ninja and unlock the Fire Gem for your Amulet!!

The full Fire Suit looks like this. Just like regular Card-Jitsu you will earn items from your Fire Suit, then when you beat Sensei you get the final items. The Fire Mask!

There will be two more rooms for Ninjas, a Water one and a Snow one. This is directly from Sensei! When we earn all our gems from each room it will look like this.

You can see your progress by clicking the Card-Jitsu Cards on your screen.

Now, come my Ninja’s! Master the element of Fire and become a true Fire Ninja! Heres how.

Card-Jitsu Fire Instructions

To play, go to Sensei and click “Earn Fire Suit” then wait to be matched with other players.

Select one of the flashing yellow stones in the middle. The number on the stone represents how many spaces you move.

You can pick from either of the one of the outer flashing stones. If it lands on the 2 Card-Jitsu Cards in the middle of the outer stones it will be a regular Card-Jitsu Match.

If you pick Fire, it will be a Fire Battle. Fire vs Fire. The higher power card wins. It will even have arrows next to the Cards you can select! This goes for each element, Fire, Water and Snow.

The 2 outer stones that have Fire, Water and Snow will let you pick what ever element you want. You start with 6 Fire Powers, if you loose a round you will loose one of your fire powers (you can see it on the left of your player in a battle). Once all your powers are gone you loose. If everyone else looses there powers before you, you will win!

If your in a round and it has a symbol with a circle then a slash through it, that means you don’t have any of that element.

If you win a regular Card-Jitsu Match you will take one of the opponents powers!

If you and an opponent land on the same tile, you will both have a regular Card-Jitsu Battle!

Card-Jitsu Fire Suit

Each battle you win will get you one step closer to your next Fire Suit item! They go in chronological order appearing bellow.

Look what happens when you get the Fire stone on the Amulet.

Here are some methods of beating Sensei:

How To Beat Sensei

  • If Snow is an option and you have a Snow Card higher then 7 select it
  • Try and pick a regular Card-Jitsu match and pick a 10+ Fire (if you have one), a 6+ Water and a low or high Snow Card
  • He usually picks low Snow Cards and high Fire Cards

Once you beat him you will receive your Fire Gem for your Amulet and the title of Fire Ninja!

You will need to win 100+ battles to get the full Fire Suit then defeat Sensei.

Here are the items you will need to get before you can battle Sensei.

Well i hope all of you become Fire Ninjas Real soon.

Until Next Time


November 26, 2009 at 1:27 am 17 comments

Club Penguin Fire Dojo Update – New Better Igloos & Igloo Upgrades

Club Penguin finally updated and its pretty sweet! Theres a new Better Igloos, Igloo Upgrades, Pin and check out the Dojo – Fire Dojo! Its been updated.

Head to the Fire Dojo, its been updated!

The time is near, only 4 days away until Card-Jitsu Fire! The Dojo Courtyard, Ninja Hideout and Fire Dojo have all been updated with Fire-Like Decorations for the new Card-Jitsu Fire Game! Sensei will possibly be visiting us in the Fire Suit (Thanks stewiegrif32)! Along with the Card-Jitsu Fire Decorations there is a new Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades! Gear up the for Snow.

Heres A Picture of what i believe  Sensei’s new Player card looks like.

Nov – Dec Better Igloos

There are some new items and some returned favorites!

  • Modern Chair – 700 Coins
  • Modern Couch – 850 Coins
  • Scoop Chair – 650 coins
  • Large Aquiruim – 450 Coins
  • Coffee Table – 300 Coins

  • Snow Wall – 150 Coins
  • Slopped Wall – 120 Coins
  • Snow Clump – 40 Coins
  • Snow Arch – 450 Coins
  • Snow Fortess Wall – 400 Coins
  • Snow Tower – 200 Coins

Nov – Dec Igloo Upgrades

Put your Snow Fort items to use with the new Snowy Backyard Igloo!

There are 3 New/Returned Igloos.

  • Snowy Backyard Igloo – 3,500 Coins
  • Gingerbread House – 2,100 Coins

  • Snow Globe – 3,700

Lastly there is also a new pin, but it looks like Club Penguin is still having problems with it as the Sled Pin is still at the Ski Hill!


November 20, 2009 at 4:32 pm Leave a comment

Club Penguin Ninja Amulet, Volcano Construction & Norman Swarm Stage Play Cheats

Lots of awesome new stuff today! I’ve got all the cheats, you can buy the Ninja Amulet, go to the construction site at the top of the Volcano, new Norman Swarm Stage Play and more! Check out all the cheats below.

Ninja Amulet

ninja amulet1

Go to the Ninja Hideout and open the Martial Arts Catalog. On the first page you can buy the Ninja Amulet! The description on the side reads:

“Behold, the Amulet. A symbol of power and skill, and a key to mastering the elements.

Continue your journey by opening the hidden doors in this room.

The next Dojo awaits”


If you are a member you can buy the amulet and go to the Volcano Room – “Fire Dojo”! Here’s how:

Fire ninja 1

After you buy the Amulet click the stone with a Fire Symbol carved into it, this will bring the secret entrance out of the ground (if you are a non-member it will display a message on the door and you will not be able to enter).

Fire ninja 2

Enter the Volcano via the Secret Doors. The next Dojo awaits!

Fire ninja 3

The Volcano Dojo or the “Fire Dojo” is not complete yet but check it out! Look at the big boiler full of Hot Sauce! The promo video did mention lots of hot sauce! Maybe thats what keeps the Volcano flowing? If you look at the dark red mats (for the new Ninja Game) you will see it is split into 4 sides, will the new game feature a 4-way battle?

cardjitsu fire mat

Where I am sitting in the picture above you can see there will be a pillow with Card-Jitsu Arches above it like in the Dojo, a new Fire Master will sit there and Sensei will stay in the Dojo (my prediction!). It looks like the Hot Sauce will be used to light big empty boxes.

volcano dojo empty box

Lastly, if you look at the big Samurai Statues you will see they are wearing a mask.

samurai fire mask

Could this be the “Fire Mask” Sensei has talked about? Stay tuned!


Heres what it will Look like when its all done.It looks awesome right, cant wait till its all done. This Picture is thanks to Joji H Go to his site its down on my blogroll.

Lastly, check out this sneak peek of the Volcano Room – ‘Fire Dojo’! Its a note that shows up on the door if your not a member.Fire ninja 4Look at the penguin in the Blue, he’s wearing the Fire Suit!

Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed

New play 1

New play 2

Check out the brand new stage play, Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed! When you go into the stage you will be “zapped” (almost like the Monster Maker) and you will end up in a giant garden!

Norman Swarm Costume Trunk

norman swarm catalog1

The Costume Trunk is filled with bug costumes!

norman swarm catalog2

  • Magnifying Class – 150 Coins

norman swarm catalog3

  • The Flutter – 400 Coins
  • Moth Wings – 350 Coins
  • Pretty As A Petal Dress – 600 Coins

norman swarm catalog4

  • Spider Costume – 680 Coins
  • Buckle Hat – 250 Coins
  • Fuzzy White Beard – 150 Coins
  • Gnome Costume – 375 Coins
  • Pointy Shoes – 200 Coins

norman swarm catalog5

  • Snail Costume – 700 Coins
  • Bee Antennae – 200 Coins
  • Bee Wings – 350 Coins
  • Bee Costume – 450 Coins

norman swarm catalog6

Theres the Director Hat as usual for 250 Coins and the Garden Background for members and non’s for 60 Coins!

Norman Swarm Secret Room

New play 3


At the Norman Swarm stage play there is a secret room! Heres how to get to it:

New play 4

Sit on the 4 X’s by the Big Rock – Praying Mantis. You will need atleast one penguin wearing a costume from the play. Once 4 penguins are sitting on the X’s (one with a costume one) the big rock will move and there will be steps down to the secret gnome room!

New play 3

Heres a look at the Secret Gnome Room for non members!

New play 5

Although, if you are a member head down to the secret room and grab the Secret Pin!

New play 6

To get the “Magic Phial Pin” get 4 penguins to stand on the X’s across from the giant treasure chest (one wearing a costume). Once 4 penguins are sitting on them the treasure chest will open, inside, the secret pin!

Along with the new Stage Play, Ninja Amulet and Volcano Construction, there are new postcards!

New Postcards November 2009

new postcards november

There are 3 new postcards.

  • Norman Swarm
  • Hide and Seek
  • Mancala

Lots of new exciting things going on!


November 13, 2009 at 5:59 pm 5 comments

Club Penguin: Tie-Dye T-Shirt Glitch

Hey Penguins!

I was on Club Penguin today and I noticed that my penguin wasn’t wearing a shirt.

So, I clicked my player card and this is what I saw:


My player card had my shirt on but my penguin itself did not have it on..

When I put on other body items, it worked, it was only the Tie-Dye T-shirt that didn’t work…

Interesting huh.

Waddle on,


August 12, 2009 at 3:51 pm 6 comments

Club Penguin Toy Boat Pin

Hey Penguins!

ITS FRIDAY! That means- new pin 🙂

The Toy Boat Pin is located on the couch of the Coffee Shop!


Waddle on,


July 31, 2009 at 9:58 am 10 comments

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